Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards with cryptomining limiter reportedly coming next month

Following rumors about Nvidia relaunching the RTX 30 series with new GPUs featuring a cryptomining limiter, a new report claims that AIB partners have been informed that these chips will start shipping in mid-May. The new GPUs are referred to as LHR (Lite Hash Rate) and should come with Resizable BAR support enabled by default.

Nvidia had previously stated that they wouldn’t limit mining performance of GPU already sold, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it to GPUs not yet in the market. It’s not in Nvidia’s best interest to reduce any revenue originated by selling cards for mining, which is quite high. However, with the CMP HX series already out, the company can reclaim the RTX series for their original purpose, a graphics cards series for PC gamers.

Like the RTX 3060, the rest of the GeForce RTX 30 GPU family is expected to receive a similar treatment, as Nvidia reportedly plans to update the whole lineup with new graphics processors featuring anti-mining capabilities — the kind that can’t be bypassed.

The LHR GPUs will be named differently, ending with a ‘2’ instead of ‘0’ (GA102-200 is now GA102-202). The PCI Device ID will also differ, but performance-wise, both GAxx0 and GAxx2 chips will be the same.

The new GPUs are expected to start shipping in the middle of May, meaning that customers should start receiving them about a month later. This may result in improved GPU stock levels for PC builders and gamers if miners can’t figure out a practical way to override the mining limiter, leading them to the CMP HX series.

The report further indicates that the RTX 3090 may not come with the cryptomining limiter because it already has a high ROI. Nonetheless, it’ll still be revised with a new GPU code-name (GA102-302), which may have something to do with Nvidia’s push to enable Resizable BAR support by default without the need for customers to update their card’s vBIOS.

We benchmarked initial support for Resizable BAR on GeForce RTX GPUs and it’s still a work in progress, especially if the drivers can’t tell if the game will receive a boost or a decrease in performance once it’s enabled.