"True success is not some hidden gem – it slaps you in the face." Niki Scevak is the co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, founder of accelerator program Startmate and widely considered one of the smartest and most important voices in the Australian start-up ecosystem.

In this episode of Beer with an Entrepreneur, Niki talks to Daniel Kjellsson about what makes a great founder, why you’re more likely to succeed the more ambitions you are – and why you really should be doing nothing but you life’s work.

If you want to learn more about Niki Scevak and Blackbird, head over to his Twitter, blog on Medium or the Blackbird mothership. Also, check out Startmate.

Ryanna Can

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Show anchor Daniel Kjellsson is wearing a MeisterSinger No.3 watchOscar Wylee glasses and a t-shirt from Citizen Wolf.