When Mark Woodland quit the army to help his mother run a daycare centre, most people had him down and out. Today, he's the founder of Xplor – en route to be a $700M software behemoth – and personally worth an estimated $54M. More importantly, Mark and his team are on their way to revolutionise the everyday life of our kids.

In this episode of Beer with an Entrepreneur, Mark talks to Daniel Kjellsson about why most people are smart enough not to be founders, the multi-billion-dollar global market he is after – and his deep and personal connection to his company and its mission.

Xplor, a childcare centre software suite used by parents to interact with their children in real-time during the day – while also freeing the teachers from time normally spent on paperwork and admin. Resulting in better connections in between kids and parents, and more time for kids and teachers to interact.

Woodland’s path to being a tech entrepreneur was not the usual one. He spent nine years in the Australian army, including a stint as a psychological examiner, before leaving in 2012 to help at his mother’s childcare centre. Initially developing software to manage the back end of the business, Woodland expanded its abilities into what is now Xplor.

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Beer with an Entrepreneur is proudly supported by Hahn SuperDry. Mark’s success shows that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and step out of your comfort zone.

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Show anchor Daniel Kjellsson is wearing Oscar Wylee glasses and a t-shirt from Citizen Wolf. This episode of Beer with an entrepreneur is filmed at Work Club Melbourne.