She turned a free version website into a fashion e-commerce juggernaut, en route to $100M in annual sales. In Beeur #3 we meet Jane Lu and Showpo.

In 2010, Jane Lu founded Showpo on the back of a career in accounting and corporate finance. In between the two there was time for a failed start-up in the pop-up store space but Showpo showed almost immediate signs of success.

It’s a story of a laptop, two shelves of clothing in her parents garage – and eventually tens of millions of dollars in sales and a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Ryanna Can

Beer with an Entrepreneur is proudly supported by Hahn SuperDry. Jane’s success shows that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and step out of your comfort zone. Click here if you also want to Never Settle!

Show anchor Daniel Kjellsson is wearing Oscar Wylee glasses and a Halda Race Pilot. Beer with an entrepreneur is filmed at WeWork Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia.